Perpetual Calendar

So my boss’s birthday was yesterday and I was almost sure he wasn’t going to be in the office this week. I figured that would give me plenty of time to make something for him. I was mistaken. I rushed home yesterday and drew up a calendar design. I’ve seen a bunch online for sale ant figured I could do one just as good.
Before committing my precious material to it, I decided to try it out in cardboard to make sure everything would work. So far so good!

Afterwards I decided I would add some TCU stuffs to the design. I don’t sports, but he does. I thought about doing the whole acrylic paint inlay thing but figured I didn’t have enough time if I wanted to get it to him today. It did ok.

So I hit a snag. I wanted to stain all but the number board a dark walnut for contrast. Even with some sanding, the maple ply doesn’t wanna play ball. Luckily I tend to work nondestructivley so I only tried the spacers in-between the wood that will never be seen. The dark area is where my sander got away from me and went through the wood layer.

I suppose PG veneer would solve the problem, but I’ve never used it before and cutting out all those engraved areas after the fact seems like a nightmare to mess with.
Do I just veneer some draftboard and engrave that instead?


I’d probably leave it like that, it looks great, and I don’t think you’ll get that pre-finished wood to take stain evenly.

Maybe next time, just cut the other parts out of the walnut or cherry ply. (Tough to see the engraved text on walnut.)


This is a really great gift! I like it just the way it is too. Where does that toad go? I fear toads more than frogs, unless I suppose the frog is a tiny poisonous tree frog.

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I think it needs contrast. I may remake it and try to paint in the engraving.
The TCU horned frog will either go on the back, or I’ll let it hide behind the number board. I haven’t made up my mind which direction it should go. Either way, it’s the backplate.