Perpetual centering . . . solved?

I try to get as much out of each board as I can. So I reuse used boards all the time.
The problem I have found is that when there are a lot of big holes in the board from previous cut “centering” takes forever.
To cure this: I trick the GF into seeing that the board is solid. I open the lid placing 8-1/2 by 11 sheets of white paper over the holes close the lid and in a few minutes the forever centering issue goes away.


It’s best practice to turn the machine on with either uncut material or no material in it. The cutout shapes of partially used materials can mess with the software’s ability to detect the print head’s position.


This is really good to know!

I did notice that it takes longer sometimes, but I didn’t think about what I had in it at the time.

The server calibrates the machine by finding the :glowforge: logo on the top of the head. The camera images the bed and sends it to the server. If there are cut-outs in a material sheet the server may mistake one for what it thinks is the head.
Alternatively, with the machine off you can center the head under the camera and then turn it on. Show the server the head and save the machine having to search for it.

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I am having the perpetual centering problem too. I have tried 1) turning the Glowforge off and back on more than once, 2) reloading the glowforge app several times, 3) replacing the board with a brand new Proofgrade board. At one point the head did move under the lid camera, but then moved off to the side. Could it be a problem with the Glowforge server?

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If you need Glowforge support to take a look at your situation, you must open your open thread in the Problems and Support category. It is doubtful that the problem is with the Glowforge server.

Ditto to what @dklgood said, you will need to open your own conversation for a support ticket.

But your problem sounds like intermittent wifi issues to me (unless it is a black cable issue).

interference from an external light source (window, overhead light, etc). Can also cause problems with centering.

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