Perpetual state of needing storage

Today’s project: Top shelf for full sheet storage and some added lighting for when the lid is open. I also added a home for the tray when it’s out with 2 25lb magnets.


That storage is nice! :sunglasses::+1:


Wow! Now I have to go to the store…


Nice assembly. It looks good and very well made.

I am curious though, how this works for you over time.
I store raw resources flat with weights on either end. Had too much warp and twisting over time in lumber stored in any other manner.
However, the PG woods do handle this better, since they are already sealed and resist absorbing moisture.

Probably be fine as long as humidity low and not sitting up there long, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a plan B section up there that keeps materials flat.
Especially important for the really thin stuff.


Your Glowforge is soooo clean. :wink:


I agree. I’d switch it to a couple of short shelves for flat storage. PG isn’t immune to bending as we’ve seen in the P&S section.


I try to be diligent in keeping it clean. I’ve gone through a lot of Zeiss wipes for sure.

@brokendrum, @jamesdhatch

Thanks for the feedback guys. I store some of it in the drawers underneath the table. I’ve stored material like this previously that I used on my CNC machine without any major issues. We’ll see how it goes.

I have to wonder if there is any restriction on air being drawn into the machine. The intake fans are on the right side bottom. I hope that flow isn’t being impacted too much by the right leg of your structure.

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Thanks for the idea! I had a lot of scrap that was nothing but circles and now with a bit of luck perhaps storage shelves!1524400418378833514391

For how long though? Acrylic warps when stored vertically too - and it doesn’t take very long.

In general this is a good way to trash material- not store it. (looks great though!)


Agreed on laying horizontal, as good looking and convenient as it is now, anything not used in a few weeks is going to warp.

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