Personalized and Custom Jewelry - 1 Week w/GF


This was my first week with my glowforge and here are the things i created… used alot of non and proofgrade materials… i make personalized jewelry and gifts for a living so i thought i would just start there.


Lovely! I like those little gear earrings! :slightly_smiling_face:




Every single one of those pieces is amazing. Nicely done. Love the colors on those swirly pieces.


Are they stones or hand painted or what? The swirly things look really cool!


Your pieces are absolutely gorgeous! How cool is it to be able to make a custom piece for a client.


Beautiful piece and your presentation is perfect.


Looks like mother of pearl.


Busy and productive 1st week. Lovely products.


Hey there they are abalone shell… you can buy them in bead form or buy sheets and cut them on the glowforge :slight_smile:


Thank you, looks gorgeous


You are off to a great start


Prolific set of projects, such nice variety!


I aspire! Wonderful pieces! I really want to start doing some jewelry!

GAH! Soooo many projects! And Spring is coming fast! (craft market season)


Some beautiful work! Congratulations on hitting the ground running!


These are SO great! Are the last ones aluminum and blackened or did you use a Cermark type product?..LOVE IT.


Hey there it is a thick gauge aluminum that I sprayed with laserbond 100 (it’s cheaper than cermark and better in my opinion :slight_smile: )thank you


They all look gorgeous!! Nice work!