Personalized bridesmaids gift idea - sandals

These leather laser-made sandals were custom-designed to fit my foot exactly. The “bridesmaid” engrave on the sole plus the wedding hashtag and name on the straps are are nice touches for a thoughtful, personalized wedding party gift.


I know this is a super old topic, but where these something you had to “assemble”, or were you able to simply clamp the straps down (relatively) flat and engrave?

From her comments it sounds like they made it all from scratch by having the materials, measuring her foot, and then cutting and etching the items separately. The only things you would need to get right is the best leather glue(plus high pressure and curing time) in addition to embedding enough toe strap within the sandle so that it wouldn’t break away later(hate it when that happens). Not sure if there was any sewing involved but I am almost sure that the instructions will be on their site when GF is released. Very neat project!

I would like to attempt something similar to what Bailey created here. Maybe with a bit of a Sole added almost in a wedge shape for my wife. I think the part that I still need to add would be a material in addition to leather that could also add a bit of cushion. Wondering if anyone knows any “Cushion” type material that can also be cut with a laser?

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Hmm, would cork be cushiony enough?

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Somewhere in one of the more recent videos it was vibram on the the bottom, for the foot bed part I’d imagine a few layers of felt under soft leather would be adequate

Awesome, I might try a few layers of felt with a wider top layer of leather to wrap down over the sides and tuck into some pre-cut slots. essentially, I’d want to protect the foot from some sharp laser corners on top.

Hi Krys,

So sorry for the delay! For this particular pair, we assembled after the cut & engrave, but I imagine you could do the “clamp down and engrave” method as well. :slight_smile:

Hey Bailey, I found these online. Yea, they are really simple but at least they show a pattern to use.