Personalized Clothes Pin!

This was just for fun, but I have a few ideas for applications. I will be selling my leather coffee sleeves at a local cafe, and the wall-mounted display will be a small set of window shutters with twine strung across and clothes pins holding the coffee sleeves to the twine. I bought a pack of cheap clothes pins last night, and I just got the idea to engrave my business name on them! It took three attempts but it finally came out perfect. For some idea of scale, these are those short, fat clothes pins (approx. 1 3/4" x 7/16"), which look even cuter in person.

I was also thinking that they could be incorporated into a hairbow display for parents who are into that sort of thing (I have no kids but I’ve seen some very creative displays online), or even personalized with a kid’s name to close a goodie bag of party favors or something. A rustic, country wedding could maybe incorporate these into wedding favors or photo display or something. Who knows! Since this is WAY non-proofgrade, I’ll zip my lip about GF settings! :slight_smile:

Follow up:
Decided to make one with my niece’s name and DOB, along with some cute heart details!




What a great way to advertise! Be sure to update with a photo of the completed display.


Cute idea!

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Cute! I admit to having a thing for mini clothespins!

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Great idea!

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They’re adorable!