Personalized Flashlight


As part of the uniform at work, the servers carry a flashlight. I engraved a flashlight for a co-worker. It turned out even sharper looking than i expected. Also, i had to make a little jig to hold it without the crumb tray, that’s the other (wooden) stuff in the pictures.


Nice job, that is really sharp. And I like that you can use the laser to make tools to use the laser!

Is it anodised aluminium? I might have to try engraving some just because it seems to turn out so good.


Yes, exactly what it is. I’m going to order more just to make little gifts of.


Great job. That really came out wonderful.


Very nice and I like your jig setup! :grinning:


Very nice and I like the self-centering jigs. Clever! You’ve made me re-think jigging for an upcoming job involving very small AA cylinders-- rather than form-fit, I can use curved jigs and let them to the finicky bits. :smiley:


AA is one of my favorite materials to work with. Here’s a source for really cheap AA items for testing & experimentation:


Yes, i figured it doesn’t need to be held down, let gravity do the work. Also i can use it for larger (or smaller) tubes as well.


I’ve actually had light items blown around by the air assist to the point where the engrave is deformed.


oh wow… nice engraving and nice jig… I’ll be needing to do this jig thing with a couple items i have in mind


Looks really good… Oh man, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to engrave any of my MagLights!


Sweet project!