Personalized Lego Measuring Tool

So it probably doesn’t need explaining that combining Lego and Lasers is like every boys dream come true, and, even though I’m rapidly approaching fifty, having a ten year old son means I get to live vicariously through my mini-me. I definitely have aspirations of being a Lego Master of some description…maybe in another life…Enough about me…

So, this project was borne of a childhood wish I made to myself forty years ago. I used to count ‘studs’ over and over and never understood why there wasn’t a measuring tool on each box or in each instruction booklet. Well, once in a while they DO actually include a measure for the axles, but I figured there’s still an opportunity. Plus, it’s another excuse for me to bond with my son some more over a shared interest.

This really exploits the accuracy of the Glowforge. Lego is a precision toy. I love how bricks I owned almost half a century ago still fit together with those my son manages to convince me to purchase in Target in 2020.

After much designing in Illustrator, I decided to engrave the numbers and letters, and ‘score’ the rest. Had I scored the whole lot, it would have been much quicker than the 45 minutes it ultimately took.

Once output, and cleared of contact paper, I went over the design with sharpies, and isopropyl alcohol.

This last shot shows it in action!

If I can speed up the process and simplify it (maybe only one color) perhaps I’ll offer up a personalized version on Etsy or something…

As ever, feedback is appreciated.


Looks great! Especially with the Legos on it. (Makes me want some again.) :smile:


What’s it made of?

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Fantastic! My family needs one of these for sure.


Just Proofgrade Medium White Acrylic


You want feedback? You got it. That is a very cool measuring tool indeed. So after engrave fill in score lines with coloured Sharpies & wipe? The result is very sharp and clear.


I’m still buying LEGO for myself.


Me too…I’m just finally able to pretend it’s for my son…!


Awesome project! You did a great job on it. And I didn’t realize that the Sharpie color fill on acrylic would look just as good as it does on tile; thanks for that.


Legos and a laser. Great combo. Nice project.


I Love that! I’m not even into Legos, but I love it when people makes stuff so they are better at doing other stuff. Awesome.


They made angled LEGO when we were kids? I don’t remember that. I remember searching through my bucket to find the single peg LEGO, but no angled LEGO.


They did but they only came in the “fancy” kits that my parents were too cheap to buy for me!

I would drool over some of the parts you could get in kits that my friends had…


we were just in Florida a Week ago for my Cousin’s wedding. I brought back home all of my childhood lego. to go along with my girl’s current stash of lego. it is glorious. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a small box of my childhood legos, and I kept them to create molds for casting that I did years ago. (They’re just a bunch of mismatched plain blocks with a base, but you can build any sized box to hold the silicone pour for your mold, and they are infinitely reusable. Pretty fantastic little blocks.) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lego is far and away my favorite toy. Led me to being an Engineer I’m sure.


I was slighty traumatized by something my younger brother did to one of my Lego creations. (well, not really, but I AM still irked by it.)

Late 70s / early 80s, when the orignal Battlestar Galactica was on TV, I designed and made a Battlestar replica. Core / base of the ship was 2 of the large green plates long, with the landing pods to the side, and end and front entended beyond the edges of the green plates.

I spent probably 4-6 hours building this creation, and my younger brother, who was probably 6 or 8 at the time, took it to the landing half way to the basement and “Let it fly.” Unfortunately, he did not understand gravity, or have a way to counteract it - though he did understand and applied thrust.

The result was something the Cylons never could accomplish on the show - sheer, utter, and complete destruction of the Galactica.

Needless to say, I was a bit miffed (slight understatement) - and as a result, punched him in the arm.

I was the one who got grounded for a week, and he got no punishment at all. /*** end rant ***/

He still teases me about it today.


Brilliant! :star_struck:


Same here apparently. But now I have another example for my “abused” childhood.


No LEGO’s growing up, but I can see how helpful this would be.