With the excitement of our much anticipated delivery impending, the approaching holiday is a reminder not to focus on what is missing from our lives, and instead see what could be missing.

The remaining time is our most precious resource, and spending too much of it focused on a detail obscures the big picture.
Having people in your life that care about you makes you rich, weather or not it is clear to you.
Sometimes have to remind myself to look further than my navel.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and remember when we are grateful, happiness follows naturally.


You headed out of town? :slight_smile:


Just local travel, and you?


Nope - stayin’ home this year. (Heading out for X-mas.) :slight_smile:


Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :turkey:


You too! :relaxed:


Thankful for so much. Including all of you…God bless all of you this Thanksgiving. - Rich


Yup. Enjoy your holidays.

Pretty much this week will be spent knocking out a project for my wife then relatives will be coming over. Then from that point forward till xmas (and a couple birthdays in between) I’ll be focusing on family members. I look forward to stop checking my mail/junk mail folder.


Seriously! I figure the address request will be hard for me to miss since there are like 6,000 ahead of me, and the event is bound to show up here in the form of squeee…


You got that right! :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


Have a great Thanksgiving, all of you! :relaxed:


You too! :grinning:

As a matter of fact, since i’m going to have a hard time wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving individually, (there’s an awful lot of y’all now), I’ll just leave my Thanksgiving blessing for everyone here:

May your guests be moist, and your turkeys behave.

(or have I got that backwards?..) :smirk:


Nope you got it right…I think. - Rich


Wasn’t the squeee supposed to transform upon delivery?


Hopefully my family will understand what’s truly important as I pass out IOUs this Christmas. :grin:


Happy Thanksgiving to all… and may the last month of 2016 bring you happiness to last a lifetime… Happy crafting, lasering (Is this a word?), leather, engineering, wood, electronics projects for everyone, sooner or later we will all have our GF, in the meantime I’ll take @printolaser advice! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge in all matters…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :turkey: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:

BTW I’m just throwing out ideas here, could we hack the GF in order to fit a turkey in it and then carve it?? You could also brown it too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everybody stretching out ( to fight off the crowds) and plotting their routes for Black Friday???


Around here (southwestern New Hampshire), we celebrate Plaid Friday to encourage shoppers to visit locally-owned businesses. A lot of stores offer discounts or other incentives to anyone who comes in wearing plaid. I’ll be visiting stores that carry my products dressed like I’m dressed in this postcard and poster available at those stores.


Have you posted that card here before? I could have sworn that I’ve seen that before.