Pet Paw - Over The Rainbow Photo Frame

A while ago I had posted this design to the catalog:

The one review resonated with me:
Lovely Design But Needs Something To Keep Photos In Place
Prints well and lines make it easy to paint but it needs something adding to keep the photos on rather than having to tape or glue them on.

Working with the design recently, I have a solution for illustrator users:

If you open the following SVG, which is a 6inx4in file: (1.9 KB)

Add your photo to the template, and resize it, then right click on it and Arrange → send it to back.

Now you can see the first paw oval, and the pet, align the photo how it looks best.

Then select both the photo, and the paw oval together:


Then use: Object, clipping mask, make

Now you have a perfect window

Repeat for all of them, then File export as:

to a high resolution bmp, or whatever your local photo printing place uses, and upload the 4x6 for professional printing. (unless you have a nicer printer than I do, in which case just print it)

If you cut along the black line, the photos should line up perfectly in the holes when you paste it to the back of the paw.


That’s a sweet design. It’s such a hard thing losing a pet, it was good of you to work on a design that lives in that space. I’d imagine it has been therapeutic for more than a few people.


Yes, we all have those scars.


there’s a semi obscure hip hop artist called T-shirt (or Shirt), he has a line that goes:

“You see these scars I got? Lovin’ is how I got 'em”.



Aww so many feels right now. But what a sweet design to celebrate the wonderful life of our cuddly furry friends. Thank you for sharing.


Mahalo @evansd2 @PrintToLaser and @emilyhuh