Pet Rocks



I may have seen it all … 65/85 dollar pet rocks straight from Los Angeles (?) in a leather carry case… or something to the effect! I assume customized leather carry cases would make them worth more?


OH the markup!
Get ready to make grundles of money!
We can personalize these bits of gravel.




Why not customize (engrave) the rock too? Certainly doable with a laser.


I can sell you some great snake-oil to rub on your beloved pet rock, so that it won’t feel a thing when you engrave it.


Owning a pet rock is an expensive responsibility… You dont want your lovely pet to walk around naked for everyone to see :fearful:


Speaking of rocks… I’ve had to start etching with a sandblaster to manage my eagerness for my GF. Of course I used two materials that may not be easy to laser. A dear friend just walked the Camino de Santiago, so I did these for her.


MUCH better use of rock!


Wow! The polish on the black granite gives a soft, yet pronounced contrast. Very nice. What is the blast media?


I use 150 grit Aluminum Oxide. I originally bought the setup to use an air eraser for cleaning up the laser cut burn marks, but then with the delays, I upped my air tank and blaster nozzle. If anyone is interested, I can share my beginner setup assembly.




Yes Please. I’m considering building a setup in the future. You should start a new topic for this. :grin:


BTW - The shiny sheet is glass with black, rubberized spray on the back, but you could use polished granite. The one that looks like a rock is the granite.


I’ll take some pics and post under a new topic when I get a chance. Lots to do before the big snowstorm hits Wisconsin this weekend.


Really nice! I did dthe camino in 2012, double length from Le Puy, France. I have a place on my pizza over set aside for some type of stone or ceramic scallop shell since it is named St. Jacques in honor of all the communal ovens I came across in my French section. These would do nicely!