PET sheet from amazon

Anybody used this stuff?

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Should be fine cutting, not sure about engraving. Never done PET, specifically but have done other polyethylene.


It is polyethylene terephthalate so not Glowforge destroying or instadeath if you breathe the fumes but it will likely melt easily and likely to go up in flames if not watched very closely.


Been trying to find a thin cast acrylic in larger sheets at .05. I can get .091 from home depot but they want something much thinner. Thanks for the info

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I used some to make a few of these several months ago;

Seems to me I would have bought the PET on Amazon (don’t know if it’s the same one you show in your post), since that’s where I buy most everything.


.0625 nominally… still too thick?

They say:

Nominal 1/16" Thick (actual thickness will be approximately .035" to .062").

Averaging those two extremes lands at 0.048, so maybe right on?

I don’t run acrylic very often, but when I do I usually buy from these people.



Thanks for the replies!

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Is it necessary to peel the clear film that comes on the material prior to lasering?

Not totally necessary but usually preferable to remask with paper masking. The plastic masking can get sort of melty.


I get mine from Mcmaster: McMaster-Carr
Nice big rolls. Haha. (Make sure you’re getting the clear not the off white)