Pets and Glowforge

Has anyone thought about pet safety for the Glowforge? It would seem to primarily be an issue with a Pro, but I wondered how others will handle their furry family. My Basic is being set up in what I refer to the “Dog’s Room”. Primarily, they just eat there, but they always hang around me and will likely be in the room while I work or monitor the cuts. They’re Golden Retrievers and the desk is 30" high. I will also have a filter under it when it is ready. They shouldn’t be able to look into the unit, so I’ll leave them in the room while cutting. They will be jealous enough of my new “pet” without me excluding them. If I disable the front door for any reason, I’ll send them outside for the duration of any cuts. Unfortunately are not very agreeable to accessories, so this is not an option:

I’d think cats would be even less agreeable to goggles. They are also more likely to be on the desk and fascinated by the process.

Any opinions on this?


My cats are scared of everything - if it makes noise - they’ll be out of the room looking grumpily at me to make it stop. :slight_smile:


don’t think I would try that with my cats, could not afford the bandages :grinning:.


My dog will have to stay out of the workroom if I am using the passthrough. He will hate it.


That’s pretty much what I’ve resolved myself to. Working from home, the pets tend to follow me around everywhere like a little parade. They’re not going to appreciate the lasery intruder kicking them out, but it’s for their own good.


Same here. Been working from home for about 1 1/2 years. The bank I work for was sold and I’ll be migrating my duties to someone at the new lead bank. Long lead time though. Will be on until May '17. Still, can’t leave until then or I’ll lose major change of control benefits. Unfair to actively look and then tell prospective new employer I can’t start til May. Putting out feelers to those I know, but can’t really look until early next year. Dogs will miss me - I’ll miss the dogs.


I was in banking for 26+ years. My small, home town bank was bought out by one of the ‘big ones’…Key Bank. I stayed on for many more years, but really saw the evolution of banking ‘as we knew it’ change forever. I also had my own father’s lifetime work to compare to, as he started in banking in about 1921. Some things were great, other things not so much. Of course, ALL of it has changed right along with my own aging. Now, I am retired and don’t give a whit about any of it…any more. :relieved:


I’ve got about 30 yrs in. Was at a failed bank during the crash. Stayed on with the successor bank through their sale of their Wisconsin operations. That’s when they asked me to stay on and work from home (love it). Now they sold to another Michigan Bank and I’ll be cut. Need at least 6 more years to get to Healthcare coverage. Not able to cover that on my own. Don’t expect my Glow forge to generate enough for the premiums.


Holy cow, I think I just hijacked my own topic. :scream:

We now return to your regularly scheduled topic. :tv:


Since my dogs and cats went halfsies on the purchase of the Glowforge, I think I’ll have to let them use it… Unless I keep that room door closed ( Thank goodness they haven’t mastered that doorknob issue yet)… :pouting_cat:


Ask @jkopel; I believe his cat has been seen lurking about Joshforge and as far as I know has so far come off unscathed.


My cat has figured out that door knobs open doors. She’ll bat at a door knob if she wants to get in a room. Luckily, she can’t actually turn it.


If you keep pet birds you should be careful with anything that might vent back into the room. The filter should do a good job or venting to the outside, but be careful just the same. There is a good reason for the old saying “canary in the coal mine”. Birds lungs are far more susceptible to certain toxins and gasses. For example if you accidentally forget and walk away from a teflon cooking pan the smoke could easily kill a parrot, but only irritate you. Their lungs are different.


My cat has gotten used to the glowforge, but he still won’t hang out in the room while it is running.
The beta unit is a basic so the laser itself is not an issue, and I am not that worried about the fumes since the vent seems to be pretty effective.


Good for you! Some folks find it hard to stop thinking about where they worked or what they did.


Here’s my cat, Olive. She doesn’t stick around during the prints, though!


Josh’s new forge is a lot less stinky than his old one. :slight_smile: I think we’re still one seal short on yours as compared to the production units though.


Think I found it…