PG Basswood alternative

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I really like using the PG Basswood to engrave pictures, however, I am all out. Is there anything I can pick up at Home Depot this weekend that works as a good alternative?

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There is this, I would call to find if they had other sizes,
H.D Basswood|
Lots of hobby-type shops and hardware stores sell Revell woods and they carry nice Basswood. It will not have the finish typical PG but very smooth and not have the masking either.

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Awesome, thank you! I will check out my local store this weekend. I have masking here that others have recommended (vinyl ease).

In the lumber area HD employees will also cut it for you. Just do the math so you can hand it to them and say “cut here and here”.

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Thanks! I’m also going to pick up some Columbia Forrest products while I’m there.

I was just going to suggest that! I am using their purebond ply with great success.

Good morning, Celeste!

Are you referring to the Columbia Forrest product? I haven’t purchased yet but from what I see they only come in 1/4”? I have been using 1/8” materials thus far.

Is it difficult to find the settings to work for the Columbia products since they are not PG materials?

Thank you!

I think if you searched the Beyond the Manual section of the forum for Columbia products you would find quite a few settings. Also, it is almost always best to test on your own when using new materials. There are several testing templates available in the Free Design section.

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I will give that a try! Also found a website in Beyond the Manual someone recommended for wood. Many thanks!

Yes, I was referring to the Columbia Forest products. I use the settings for thick proofgrade plywood, and it works great. I have seen purebond in 1/4 inch and 5/32 inch, which is just a tad thicker than 1/8 inch. I’ve come to prefer the 1/4 inch for most projects. If I am making something with intricate cuts, 1/8 inch is better. But if I am making a wall plaque, I prefer the 1/4 inch.

Home Depot was a bust for the CF products! What they said was CF wood said Formaldehyde on the back and I was NOT going to take a chance! Going to order off their website to make sure I get the correct product.

Every wood has formaldehyde in it - depending on where it was manufactured/shipped different locations require notice or not (like CA has warnings for “may cause cancer” on almost everything!). Even if it says “formaldehyde free” it just means they didn’t add any extra during manufacture.


Thank you for the clarification.

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