PG Material on the way

Got an email Friday that Proofgrade materials are on the way. I’m signed up for UPS Tracking so I got an email this morning from UPS showing the delivery truck leaving the Distribution center about 8 miles from my house. The map shows the location of the truck in relation to my house so I can see where it is in real time. Right now it is at the post office about two miles away. The website says this is beta so YMMV.


Now showing “In your area.” Still a couple miles away.

That has to be nerve racking! Hope you get it soon!

Looks like the UPS driver has stopped at Zaxbys for lunch.


When you see him, ask him how the chicken was. Get this on video if at all possible.

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Well that was interesting. The progress bar showed “in your area” as I saw him drive by on the other side of the street to make a delivery. Then he came back and the progress bar went from “in your area” to “Delivered” as he dropped the package at my front door.


And this is what was in the box.
Four 6"x12" sheets of Medium Maple Hardwood

Four 12"x20" sheets of Medium Maple Plywood

Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Draftboard

Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Clear Acrylic

One 12"x20" sheet of Walnut Veneer, with 3M tape

One 12"x20" sheet of Maple Veneer, with 3M tape

Two 5"x10" sheets of Natural Leather

and the draftboard for use in troubleshooting.PG Material