PG materials not available. Where to buy similar acrylic?

I’m not sure what settings to use either. I just looked for a topic with Hobby Lobby acrylic settings but couldn’t find anything. I’m trying to use it for an earring holder but am at a stand still, as I can’t order from GF… they always seem to be sold out of everything. :frowning:

For the most part acrylic is acrylic. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone here report having issues using the GF settings for their proof grade on other company acrylics. Just make sure you use the correct thickness settings.

As always a note to say test settings on everything you use first.


Acrylic is pretty standard stuff, so you can usually use Proofgrade settings for most acrylic. As for where to buy, there are tons of posts here in the forum. For instance, Johnson Plastics Plus, Tap Plastics, Estreet Plastics, Cerulean Tides, Amazon etc., etc.


Thanks. Do you have to mask it? I have masking but have never CUT anything non PG and just want to be safe.

Have to, no. I’ve cut very very limited things(like 1hand of fingers worth) but I didn’t use any masking. Warnings I’m sure you know, it will spew laser acrylic dust over everything so masking could help reduce cleanup, just don’t leave plastic masking on. That apparently can shrivel and seal itself to the acrylic real good.

But others with more experience may(probably) have better advice than me.


Thanks so much!

I take masking off my acrylic, the top surface either doesn’t get smudgy or is very easy to wipe clean. For the bottom, there might be flashback from the crumbtray. This would look like a pattern of burn lines. Putting down a sheet of copy paper between the crumbtray and acrylic eliminates that. Watch like a hawk anytime you’re cutting acrylic or layers of things.

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I think the final point that hasn’t been mentioned yet is that you can either get cast or extruded acrylic. They both work, but extruded smells much worse and engraves differently. Proofgrade and most of the acrylic you would get specifically for laser use tend to be cast. Acrylic from the craft or hardware store is probably extruded.



Here’s a good list of places to get material. Also notice the several tabs at the bottom for settings, file links etc.



This is amazing!! Thanks SO much!!

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