PG veneer alternative

Okay y’all, I am seriously jonesing for some veneer and the PG veneer has been out of stock for quite some time. I’m looking to strike out on my own. I’ve been doing my own research but now I could use some help. I’m okay with finishing the veneer myself, but I do like that 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing.

There are some veneers with 3M backing already applied (, but are they laser safe? I’m not sure! lists a whole bunch of laser-safe adhesive tapes, in which the PSA adhesive used by the veneer, 9505 is not included.

So. Anyone found a good PG veneer alternative with 3M PSA backing?


I bought some veneer from Home Depot, but it has a paper backing, no adhesive.


pretty much any veneer w/3M backing will be fine. we build models with veneer constantly and use lots of different stuff. find a woodworking supply somewhere nearby and you can even just pick it up. if there is a woodcrafters in your area, they usually have a decent selection.


the makeup of the 3M adhesive doesn’t matter for laser/health safety?

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Nope. My company has cut hundreds of thousands of sheets (not exaggerating). No issues. It’s probably the most standard piece of architecture model building material (it’s landscape/terrain base for most).


awesome, thank you @shop for the real-world experience!

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