Pharmaceutical Advertising

My buddy owns a casting company and deals in buying and selling signs and advertising. He brought me this old advertisement. I used the Glowforge to take the picture, do to the lens I had to scale it a bit in the height after running it through Inkscape image trace. I then created the offsets in my CNC software then back to the Glowforge and cut this out. 5 total layers.


That’s a pretty cool way to preserve a piece of history, well done! Looks great!


Came out great! I’m having a hard time gauging the size of the piece (we need a banana for scale). How do you display it? It would be nice if the back side could be easily viewed as well as the front.


Will a plantain be a sufficient substitute?

This is very cool!

It is 9x14, Thanks for the kind comments. Not sure how they are displaying it. He ended up selling it for a ridiculous amount of money. He shared it on a group he is in to show it off with no intentions of selling it and he sold it.

This one is 36x60 all done with a jig saw and palm sander it was to big for my CNC.