Philadelphia Comic Con 2017


Anybody going to the Philly Comic Con this weekend at the Philly Expo Center?

If you are, I’ll be the guy who… uhh… looks like me. :wink:
…but with a family attached.


Hope y’all have a blast (broken wrists and all). My family always enjoys s the Austin Comic-con. One day we hope to make the pilgrimage to San Diego :smile:


His right cast goes to his shoulder almost (to completely immobilize his wrist). I joked he looks like C3PO. Apparently he’d made the same joke at school today. So maybe I should get him a costume to go along with the cast! :slight_smile:


If ever you make it up to Halifax, Nova Scotia try to hit up Hal-Con! This year it is in September!
I’m a member of their volunteer planning committee and we have a blast every year! Last year we reached the building’s max capacity (8800) so we are waiting for our new convention center to be built before we can increase ticket amounts! Lots of actor, comic and author guests each year and it just keeps getting better!


So going as a circus sideshow simase family?


Something like that.


I say enjoy the smaller cons. San Diego has gotten so bloated as to be completely un-enjoyable, and it’s all about the coolest display outside of comic-con, or the biggest movie announcement. And Hall H (the big hall) is kind of a joke these days too. People camp overnight to get into Hall H the next day, and a few years ago some friends stayed in line all day because they wanted to see the Walking Dead panel, and they never made it in. So they spend real money on tickets to the con, only to spend an entire day sitting in line with zero payoff.


That would be great! Might as well roll with it :smile:


Yea, I’ve heard that, and truth be told I’m good with Austin, or when I want something bigger Dallas (which tends to pull a lot of the biggest names), but we’ve never been to the west coast so visiting SD Comic con seemed like a good excuse to go. At least I’ll know ahead of time not to worry about Hall H. Of course they way they do tickets it may never happen anyway. 3 tickest per order sort of sucks when you have 4 people in your family :stuck_out_tongue:


oh fun, usually if we’re there at the time we don’t much make it out of beaver bank, where the inlaws are.