A friend of mine is a huge Phish fan and asked if I could do a project for him. The challenge is on!!

This is two layers, PG thick clear acrylic which has the engrave and a top layer of PG thin clear acrylic.
He intends to color the engraved area in a gradient from top to bottom. The total size is 14x8.5 inches.
Thought it came out pretty sweet and am sure he’ll love it.
Made a couple of slate coasters also.
The tip on using mineral oil makes all the difference in the world on these!! Thanks @kittski!


It’s fun to use all the different materials … Good job.

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Sweet…so have a question in the bottom part of the top images…why did the laser do that kind of stepping cut or was that the way it was in the file?

Are talking the engrave? It’s just the way the file ended up. I was lazy and didn’t clean that up.