Phone Camera Stand to make photos for 3D Models to 3D print---not a phone stand

Ok this is real specific to my needs so not sure if it matters here BUT is was made on MY GF+.
In making 3D models I use photos as a background to aid in the 3D model building. I model toy trains in 1/4" or O-Guage. But if I have a scale photo of any scale I can enlarge or scale down to my scale.

Holding the camera phone at a specific distance to make multiple photos that I can insert into Rhino 7 is not easy. I know there are tripods but even with a tripod keeping the object aligned can be tricky.

So to make my camera stand I started with Modeling in Rhino 7.

the green is my phone, and as you can see there is a sliding base with train tracks to hold and move the train car to be photo’d.

Once the 3D model was complete. I take the parts apart to laser cut. I lift off the 2D surfaces. Rhino is surface modeler. The Rhino surfaces are exported as .dwf files to be imported into Corel Draw.
Corel Draw exports the surfaces into .SVG files.

cam stan cutouts

Now I could take the Rhino objects and convert directly into .svg files, but I find it easier to move and revise 2d objects in Corel Draw.


Did you mean to include a picture?

Sounds interesting.


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When I work in Rhino, I’ll include a rectangular curve sized at 20 x 12" at the perimeter. This way, when brought over to Affinity Designer, I’ll validate THERE that my rectangle still measures 20 x 12. If not, everything gets selected and I’ll adjust accordingly.


I generally do this in the GFUI as I know the sizes things are supposed to be and scale them there using the precision size and placement tools. If I need to measure a part (like the fingers) I can create a rectangle that fits perfectly and measure that.

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Brilliant design! Thanks for sharing the details :slight_smile:

Creative idea!

Thanks for the share and inspiration. Would you be able to show us some of your models?

The Glowforge introduced me to 3D design software. I got a 3D printer while waiting for the Glowforge to ship. It’s really a great stepping stone to greater creativity.

That’s a cool design. I can see how useful it is.

Why the third rail? Is that for other scales?