Phone case engraving

So my current phone case is busted and needed to be replaced. After some searching I found this:

So naturally it’s gonna get an engraving, has anyone engraved with rosewood before?I typically dial my settings into around the same area but in open to suggestions. The bigger task is deciding what to engrave onto it!

Edit: So I gave my friends a vote and they went with this one. This is the one they picked out of my lineup

I love how clear it came out, my wife is gonna be getting a new phone soon and already has said she wants a custom one made


I was thinking about adding a veneer sticker to my husband’s phone…it would have: “if found, please return to:” because the amount of phones he’s lost in the last year could’ve bought me another GF.


Mask it before you cut it, or you’ll get burned surfaces around your engraving. I’d use the GF’s settings for Walnut, maybe doing two passes (inspecting between passes to make sure another pass is necessary, meaning don’t touch it, just look at it). Rosewood is a pretty hard wood, about 2x harder than Walnut.


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This case is over a year old now and it’s got plenty of life in it!