Phone Cases

Hi, I tried engraving a phone case and it went entirely too deep. What settings should IO use?


a) need to know what the phone case is made out of…

b) need to know what settings you used to begin with…


And YOU need to know you aren’t engraving something with PVC in it before you destroy your GF. :slight_smile:


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I suggest you read through this:

Also, it is hard to help with this since we don’t know what material your phone case was made of.

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Beat ya to it. :smiley:


It is a leather case. I set the machine to leather and…

You are certain it is genuine leather? Some fake leathers contain chlorine and some do not. Lasing chlorine will result in HCl and even a little can seriously damage the inside of your glowforge.

If it is genuine leather it was probably not vegetable tanned. Veg tanned leather works the best for engraving. If it is veg tanned, I’d start with the thin leather settings. If it was not veg tanned, then you can start there as well and repeat if it doesn’t work. When first using a new material you generally have to do some testing on it before you get it to work right if you can get it to work at all. Before trying a one off product, you should probably get familiar with similar materials. Once you have worked long enough with a class of material, you develop a feel for similar materials in the class and get good at guessing what will work when you won’t get a second chance.



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