Phone stand and gift box

Here’s a little phone stand I made for hubby’s gift exchange at work and I included a nifty little box for it. (The file does not include any decoration/cut outs, but it’s easy to add your own.)

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I love the skull image! Thanks for the phone stand design. Very cool of you to share.

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Sweeeet! :sunglasses:

Hey, thanks! Looks like a great design.

Thanks for sharing. Go Broncos (next year).


What setting was this used for and material?

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Sorry, just saw this. I get my acrylic from Tap Plastic and just use medium proofgrade acrylic settings. Acrylic is acrylic and there’s really not much difference between manufacturers so the settings are pretty universal. You just have to pay attention to thickness of course.


Super cool! Thank you!

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I am probably a moron but how do I download this.

Right click on the black and white drawing (underneath where it says File) and choose Save As > SVG.