Photo engrave time

I ordered the Pro over the summer, and just got the golden email last week. I have been avoiding opening it because of some last minute hesitation.

I have a little experience using a full spectrum hobby laser, and have been confused about how it stacks up to the glowforge regarding engraving times. I think this may just be a case of misinterpreting what I have read from current users. I know that this is a difficult question to answer bc there are a lot of factors involved, and in some ways I am comparing apples to oranges, but if I wanted to engrave a photo that was about 5x7 on the glowforge, how long should I expect that to take?

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You are correct that there are a lot of variables but a ballpark for that size would be one to two hours. I know, big ballpark.


I like the draft photo results better than the high quality setting. I did a roughly 5 by 7 in around 24 minutes. The attached photo is not cleaned entirely plus I forgot to take off the Q code sticker that tells the GF what material is in the machine. So my Grand Daughters face did not get engraved very well. Also, I did not fiddle around with the photo, just uploaded and burned it.

I am really impressed with the photo quality and the machine! It will only get better as the software evolves!

Good luck!


@timtsuga @markevans36301 Awesome, thanks to both of you for letting me know. Those numbers sound pretty reasonable.

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