Photo Engraved Ornament

Well, I finally had a request to try my hand at photo engraving. I worked through a few prototypes and adjustments on this photo and I’m really pleased with the result! I am a new fan of the “Vary Power” option. It appears to engrave at varying depths and adds dimension to the piece. This is quite a bit different than ‘dots’ that appears to print on the surface.

I used photoshop to adjust the photo to black and white. I adjusted the contrast/brightness/saturation levels so that the blacks were darker and the whites were lighter.
This was engraved on proof-grade draft with the following settings:
Draft Photo
Speed: 1000
Power: Full
Grayscale: vary power
LPI: 450

My husband and I are going to personalize the back with a message to each of our neighbors.

Hopefully you can see the depth, or 3D effect that the vary power option gives. The pictures don’t really do it justice. Give it a try! I’d love to see what you do too.


Lovely work! Wonderful Gift!


Well done! It looks lovely


Very nice!


That’s really beautiful! (Great depth!) :grinning:

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Oh yeah, I love the 3D option and used it almost exclusively for a while. I now see the point of the others, but man oh man does it do pretty things!

Nice choice of image too!

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Wonderful piece for giving.

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These will be treasured gifts, I’m sure! Great work.

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Good job. I use vary power on pretty much all my photo engraves though generally only at 340 LPI.

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I love your work!!