Photo Engraves on Slate?

Anyone have any settings or suggestions on photo engraves on slate? I’ve tried several things in the photo pre-processing as well as several different settings on the Forge, but I’m not having much luck.
I’ve seen photos online of people doing photo engraves on slate, but I can’t seem to replicate.


Here’s a video I did. If you have not seen it, it might help as a reference.


Thanks, I’ll watch.

Slate tends to be all or nothing. Its really hard to get greyscale on it. There’s a ton of data in the forums about using oils to pre-treat your slate to get better contrast, here are a couple of threads:

Good luck!


Let me give it a shot tonight, and I will let you know what works best (for the slate I have).

On black slate, th e engraved part will be light grey so you need to invert your grayscale photo. It should also be high contrast.

I engraved a photo of my dog this evening using 900 speed and 30 max power and 0 minimum power, and 450 LPI with the vary power option selected.


For the image, I used 1000 power, 14 speed and 340 LPI with one pass. I also used the “convert to dots” method.

Very pleased with the results. The lettering was based off of Jules post.


That turned out great! Nice detail…

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