Photo engraves

Does anyone use photograv or 1-touch laser photo for editing photos to be engraved?

Never heard of those. A lot of people here use @jbmanning5’s PhotoShop actions; they work really well.


Hi, I’ve been editing my photos using my iPhone and some photos have turned out pretty decent but not all of them. I’ve just purchased photoshop and JB’s actions a few days ago. I didn’t have any luck with the first photo I tried with JB’s actions or manually editing the photo in photoshop. It actually turned out better with my iPhone editing. Im gonna play around with it some next week but just considering all my options.

I’ve got it. I haven’t used it much on the GF but did for the Redsail. If you want me to run it on something for you, let me know and I’ll do that. You can try the result on your GF and figure out if you want to spend the $.

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Hi, that would be awesome! Ive tried this one picture without good results and if the photograv works I would be sold on it…image|281x500

What material are you looking to put it on? Photograv tunes it for the target engrave material.

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Baltic birch

Here’s what Photograv did with it. I had to resample it to 600dpi and then run it. I can do it at 300dpi if this turns out unsatisfactory. But the original was only 96dpi & Photograv doesn’t like that when mapping to a laser.

photo resampled 600dpi (59.0 KB)

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Thank you! I will try it tomorrow and let you know how it does.

Thank you so much for editing that photo! I love how it turned out and will definitely be purchasing photograv!


That was straight from Photograv’s defaults once I resampled the jpg from 96dpi to 600dpi. That was to match GF’s 270LPI engraving. You can setup additional “machines” with different DPI settings to match standard engrave LPI settings you might use (roughly double the LPI to get the DPI that Photograv uses in its algorithms).

Using different machine definitions and engraving LPIs you’ll be able to really tweak the output.

For folks who don’t use Photoshop (and @jbmanning5 set of photo prep routines), Photograv offers a good tool for photo engraving with the files optimized for the material being used (like wood, marble, acrylic, etc).


What settings did you use! I cannot for the life of me figure it out