Photo engraving--help!

I posted this here because I am looking for settings and I know this is where they can be shared for non PG materials. That being said, I am trying to engrave on the glass that comes in an 8x10 picture frame. I want to engrave it and put a sheet of paper behind it so you can see the engraving.

My problem is that the subject of the photo I was asked to do is a black dog. I have done several photo engravings successfully before but this particular photo is being quite difficult. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. I use inkscape btw.


This isn’t what you asked for exactly but at least it’ll get you on the right track.

I’ve only done text engraving on Glass, but painted tiles a lot, and ironically they use the same settings. Best thing to do is get some extra pieces to experiment with and have fun with it. Some of my best work has come by experiment. I would suggest at least a 400+ DPI with this picture, and don’t forget to invert, if you do, you wont twice. :upside_down_face:


Check out this recent post, it has a lot of good info.


No settings will allow you to engrave that image with acceptable results.

You need to first edit the image to produce a good contrast between the subject and background, and also bring out details in the subjects face. There are many threads discussing this, some in Tips and Tricks, as well as a whole section in the support pages on preparing photos in Inkscape or Photoshop.

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I use Lightroom and Affinity and others - you may like Vectornator - it has changed me - anyway, I Messed with the picture (like it a lot) and maybe these will help - just tweaked it to show the wonderful expression- If you don’t care for them, no problem, I will remove from my file upon your response


That’s what I’m talking about!


Yes that looks great! I’m not super familiar with inkscape but that’s all I have to work with right now and I felt like I’d tried every filter/extension on it and didn’t get very flattering results. That looks like it would work great though. I don’t think it needs to be inverted because the subject is black. So naturally the mostly engraved part would be the black. I really appreciate the help. This is my moms dog they had to put down and I’m trying to make them something to remember her by.

Thank you!

Here is one more ( even more contrasty )

tweaked in Lightroom then Affinity Photo


I’m glad you like it and sorry for the loss - the dog is family - you may check out inkpad and Vectornator - both have helped me through a steep learning curve - and there are others , but these can help you as they are not so complex but are robust enough

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