Photo engraving on leatherette settings

Does anyone have settings for engraving a photo onto laser safe leatherette? I have tried all my tried and true settings for leatherette that works perfectly on normal engraving but they are not working on the photo engrave. Thank you!!!

I would use the dithered dot settings but scooch the range into the lighter half or lower the LPI if it is too dark.
Experiment on scraps first of course.

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not sure about leatherette but i have been playing around with photos on leather for a bit with some success.

This is the back of one of my business cards that i dropped off at my local tack shop to try and get some business from them.
Not sure if the two materials will have similar settings but this is what i used to make this one. The lpi was rather low and you can see some banding if you zoom in but but not really noticeable from arms length away in person.

Best to do your own tests tho to find a happy spot, what i did was take a small section of the image with some detail and started on the lower end so tried it at 30 power and then went down to 15 then went down to 10 then fine tuned it down to 7. Anyway hope that helps