Photo Frame Holder

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@marmak3261 posted a nice tutorial on making text inset picture frames. Providing THAT file would be pretty useless, unless some other wedding tomorrow will also be between a Becky and Larry… That would be odd.

Anyway, while making the frame, I also needed to figure out a way to hang it on a wall or place it on a table. I could easily run out to the hardware store and buy some of those sawtooth things to screw on the back for hanging. But I have a laser cutter and don’t want to drive to the store…

So, I belted out a quick frame holder. Sadly I forgot to record what I was doing, I did learn quite a bit along the way. If I have time at a future day I will see about redoing the design and including a tutorial for it.

Since clear acrylic is a bit hard to see, here it is in use:

And the file to cut your own (if you happen to have a frame laying around in roughly the same thickness as the totally non-industry standard one I just made…


I could totally use some of these. I used to do a lot of art shows, and I needed a bunch of these to show artwork. I never thought to make my own.

I could also use brochure holders and business card holders with a similar style. :slight_smile:


I would look to add another cross-bar for brochure of business card holder. This stand is a little unstable without the heavy frame inserted. So with lightweight paper, and people constantly jostling it… probably not the best option.

Plus there are freaking awesome alternatives:

This one is built as a phone holder, but would work for business cards just as well. And should be able to be cut in the size of a business card even.


Awww, it’s so cute. Someday it hopes to grow up into a picture frame holder too.


Nice work. The stand will make the difference for getting that picture in the frame and out for display right away!


Practical and elegant! Thanks for sharing this!

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Couldn’t you make a version of this (with the living hinge) where the “frame” around the popout is glued to the back of your picture frame. Like a lot of current frames where the stand folds out of the back of to make the frame itself the “easel”. While I wouldn’t want a living hinge to be flexed back and forth and back and forth, it wouldn’t be bad to make the frame self-standing without any support showing in the front.:thinking:


It should work. The main down side I see on that would be the large table footprint for the photo at that point.

The base I made in acrylic is already taking up a significant amount of table space for a single photo. But I had to go larger for stability. It is only about 2/3 the size of the full frame. And doing the credit card size thing on a frame would mean the base is larger than the frame itself.


I love both designs. I will be making some of these for sure. We have a bunch of tiles with sayings on them above our cabinets that are just leaning against the wall. these look like they would be perfect to hold them. I am going to be burning through so many sheets of acrylic and plywood when the Glowforge arrives. :grin:


I was referring to the idea - not necessarily the size (an for any size frame). That is using the idea to make the stand built into the frame (like many frames have now). I understand about your acrylic base - which the idea is also good for displaying plaques or plates, etc. ! Happy Fall everyone!


I made one of those to hold my iPad.

How do you cut the inside of the “Becky & Larry” part???

They link to the tutorial at the very top of their post :slight_smile:

Nice design. Simple yet elegant