Photo frame stand and bonus tutorial

So I made this photo frame design to hold a 4x6 photo. Then afterwards realized I can add an engraving to the back piece too so people had an option to have a photo printed digitally too, so I added that in after the fact. I did that with photoshop so I didn’t have to redo the whole print to get an engraving on it so I decided to make a tutorial on how I did it.

Here is the quick tutorial, I figured I might as well make and share on how to add an engraving to your listing/product photo’s quickly without have to redo the whole project if you want to add something or see something missing afterwards to save you some time. It has saved me time more than once in the past and figured I’d pass it along:


Love the engraving on it! Smart idea!


Thank you

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Great video!

Do you have a Samoyed?

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I don’t but I wish I did lol

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My first love was a Samoyed. His name is Baby. He went to Rainbow Bridge on November 17, 1994. My family has had 3 of them —- they were all great big cotton balls and they were also couch potatoes.


Such a pretty dog. I heard they shed a lot. Is that true?


Massive amount of shedding!! Clothes, furniture, carpet—-year round!!

Since my family had three of them—-I have learned about their personalities. All of ours were aloof and a one person owner.

They are very protective when they choose their special person. I do not recommend a family with young children.

All three of ours came to our home when they were adults. Their personalities probably would have been different if they were puppies.

Also, when they choose their special person, you will never be alone. They will follow you —-all throughout your home. You will have a constant shadow.

One more thing —- all of our Samoyeds were absolutely terrified of thunderstorms. Baby was so afraid he would jump in the tub and pull the shower curtain. I would have to sit in the bathroom with him until the storm passed.

I miss him every single day, and a piece of my heart broke off when he we he went to Rainbow Bridge.


This turned out really nice!


That is somewhat unusual for Samoyeds. If you asked the Samoyed folks who originated them how many were in the family, the count would be people and dogs. They were the original 3 dog night folks. Raised with a family I think they would guard the family but they are terrible as a guard dog as they need the human interaction. My mother had several and the last one they worked out several words, including 3 for just going out, going out to pee, and going out to poop. And different words for snacks and dinner. I heard them and it was like the dog was trying to make the sound of the English word to the best that a dog has to work with.

My mother even made a gorgeous jacket of woven Samoyed hair. My sister has the jacket, and I have the scraps. So all that hair is in high demand to spin and weave as exceptional fabric, as this was a major part of Samoyed culture.


Probably. We had one when I was growing up. He loved everyone. Family, friends, neighbors, delivery people, cats and just about anyone or anything that came into his orbit. Very patient and tolerant of babies pulling on his hair and adults trying to brush out the undercoat and mats that he often got.

I think he knew he had to be a bundle of happiness to justify the grooming demand he put on us to keep him properly maintained :smiley:



All of the great phone conversations we have shared but not one about Samoyeds. Looks like we are due for a phone talk. I also have a ball of yarn from Baby’s hair.


Once a year in April or May —-Baby would go to the groomers and get all shaved down. He look beyond ridiculous for about 6 weeks. When his fur started to grow out he looked like a white Teddy Bear.

Here is some cool trivia. In the summer of 1989, I went to Montana and worked as a bartender at a dude ranch. The ranch was owned by a DuPont heir and they had a Samoyed who lived at the ranch. While I was there, I was always playing and loving on Sam.

I do not remember the reason, but a few months after I came back home the DuPont family contacted me and asked if I would be interested in having Sam.

Sam was put on the plane and lived the rest of his long life with our family. Sam was a smaller Samoyed at 55 pounds. Baby was a solid 85 pounds.

I never got a picture of the third Samoyed—— Snow Angel. She came to my parents home after I got married. A man who lived in North Carolina, was moving back to Hawaii, and he wanted to find a home for his Samoyed.

This Glowforge forum is amazing @wenning08 starts a great thread and a Samoyed pic appears for 1 second ——- down the rabbit hole and a conversation about Samoyeds.

A picture of Sam —— a DuPont heir.