Photo Frame

Just a few shots of a photo frame i made yesterday. The frame itself i found for 99cents at Wal-Mart. Engraved the frame, and added a cutout raised about 1/2 inch with a piece of sliced cork from a wine bottle.


That’s a lovely effect with the butterflies launching off of the frame. :grinning:


Very nice frame.

Off Topic though. Have you been watching the newest Tick from Amazon? I happen to know “The Terror” personally.


Yes, binge watched season 2 the day it came out! Love it, way cool that you know him. :slight_smile:
I hope they make many seasons of it.

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Very nice ! Are the cutouts dark wood or spray painted?

“Spoon !”

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Oh, very nice! Amazing how these inexpensive frames can be upgraded.


Spoooon! The cutouts are a piece of stained ply board. Short story, i work in a mall and one night while taking out the trash there were some girls from another store breaking up long strips of ply board with a big hammer (approx .3 in. thick and anywhere from 4 to 8 in. wide) and throwing them away. I asked if i could have it instead. So, i ended up loading up my jeep with as much as i could hold and have piles and piles of this stuff stacked here in my apartment.

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