Photo printing problem

I seem to be having a simple problem but have not seen it listed elsewhere on the form. I am new to my glowforge but have had no issues doing engraving/scoring/cutting for all use cases except photos. When I try to engrave a photo (I have tried many) they engrave a light image on the proof grade covering but do not engrave the underlying wood (proofgrade draftboard). I am using all of the default setting and setting the engraving to HD photo. I prepped the photo in photoshop and in each case have a high constrast photo that spreads through out the spectrum with a balance of black and white. Now I have a lot of light images on the proof grade coatings but no engraved wood. I did try once removing the proofgrade cover and engraving directly on the draftboard without the covering and in this case the photo actually looks pretty good–however I doubt that is how it is supposed to work.

Anything obvious I am doing wrong or should try next?

In general, you need to remove the masking for photo engraves. Unfortunately, that’s not covered in the official tutorials.

Thanks… I guess that is what I discovered.

Pretty much everyone here has done it, it is a shame that so much material had to be wasted.

Just to add - you can adjust the minimum power to burn thru the masking, but then you still have an awful mess to clean off when the job completes - and if that was their intent, why aren’t the default settings adjusted to make it work thru the masking.

Did you intend to open a support ticket with GlowForge? If not, we can move this Everything Else…

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