Photo Realistic Engraving on a Pumpkin

Since I’m at college and away from my Glowforge this project is from last year but I thought I’d post it now anyway with the start of spooky season. Turns out photo engraving a pumpkin works really well all you have to do is invert the colors and cut the face off so it fits (It also helps to scrape the back of the engraving to thin it out and use a lightbulb bot a candle). My settings were speed 300, Full power, and 340 lines/in. I also made a youtube video of the whole process you can check out here Carving a Pumpkin with a Glowforge Laser Cutter (Black Panther) - YouTube


Very Cool! :grinning:


I’m assuming you cut a rectangle out of the pumpkin since unless you have weird pumpkins they won’t fit even with the tray out


Yeah I sliced off the face then used pins to stick it back on. That’s one that ring is on the zoomed out picture.



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Very cool idea! Thanks for the post and the video.

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Neat idea! Great result!

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Really cool!!