Photo to share of my Autonomous Smart desk w/ Glowforge on it



Per @dan, I’m posting a photo of my adjustable height desk and very basic workstation set up.

Originating from this post here:

Beta Project: My first scratch design

Nice Kidrobot collection!


You’re a musician! I knew there was a reason I liked you…


I would like to see that BETA badge :wink: did you made it with the glowforge?


Thanks Ryan!
Acrylic and wood coasters, trivets and a cool Glowforge Beta tester engraving!


They do exist! :astonished::smile:


Envy, envy, envy…Christmas arrived early! Keep up the good work, keep showing photos. - Rich


I’ve been seriously considering an adjustable table. But then my wallet gets mad at me.


Cool setup! Is that a flower of life design on the desk?


Hehe… thanks! That’s only a part of it too… :wink:


:grinning: yup. I produce electronic music in the vein of progressive house and techno, and DJ regularly at clubs, special events, and music festivals. I kinda broke down my studio when my daughter was born 2 years ago to give her a room, and now use a very stripped down setup to work on new material, that is just out of frame to the left of the photo.


Just the few things I’ve done so far. Check the Beta projects post to see the engravings much better!


There are a lot of inexpensive models out there now, make sure you are looking around and not just going with the big name 1k+ desks. You should be able to get one for a couple of hundred with basic up/down buttons.


just got a few of those tables myself… they are rather solid and the movement is really smooth. I thought it would make a really nice base for my forge.


Yeah, I agree. I love it so far. Very solid, well built and heavy, and super smooth movement. Doesn’t shake at all while printing or engraving, and it’s on carpet here. Glad i got the bigger one though, because the GF takes up quite a bit of room!