Photogrammetry & The Dijon Mourners: An Experiment

The image requires an enormous amount of explanation. And yes 3 of the 5 sculptures were made on my Glowforge.

To make it easier I have written a blog post with context and detailed construction information here:



Super interesting read. The idea of the negative space model - wow! Nice!


Ohmygosh, these are amazing however you did them! Off to read the blog post…


Color me impressed!


Fascinating technique! :grinning:


Really cool!

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Rather than gluing the negative space model,
Why not just print a clear acrylic box with the Glowforge to the exact dimensions of the slices and stack them inside it?

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This is quite fascinating…I too am going to read the blog post.


Well shoot…after reading how you did this and the background with all the museum stuff, I am totally impressed and admire these even more! Outstanding work!

I did but it’s still dangerous :slight_smile:

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Very cool & unique.

Wow. What talent! Great creativity. Very inspiring. It’s so amazing to have such experience and knowledge on this forum. Keep them coming.

Just finished the write up! Stunning works and projects. Thanks!

I was going to give this a like before I read your article, but now to want to like it twice. :wink:

What a cool project!

I will be reading this blog post soon but… oh wow that takes my experiments of truly 3D prints to a whole new level! Very cool.


A total Wow!

With regards t being damaged by the fumes I ended up buying this that did not hook up easily to the Glowforge but does a good job cleaning dust and fumes out of a room. At 500 cfm and especially vented elsewhere, it would seem a good solution to the fume problem.

I’m allergic to most glues. But does that help with plastic fumes??


Intrigued by how the differences in the regular model and the negative space model. What a neat concept!