Photography & Videography DIY Projects

I’m a big fan of DIY projects when it comes to photography & videography. A while ago, I used the :glowforge: to help customize a few of these projects. Since my :glowforge: is out of commission right now, I’m playing catch up on posting a few things to the forum. Just thought I’d share some practical uses that the :glowforge: helped me in building a few photo/video rigs.

1. Camera Dolly Cart

Deck was cut from proofgrade acrylic. Remaining parts excluding the camera and tripod head, are Actobotics parts from ServoCity.

2. Action Camera Video Slider

Proofgrade acrylic for the carriage deck and slider feet. Used Actobotics X-Rail and v-wheel kit to get super buttery smooth linear motion.

3. Rotating Product Tabletop

Designed to work with a Syrp Genie Mini, this is just proofgrade acrylic attached to Actobotics hardware.

4. eMotimo Timelapse Slider

This is a 4 foot timelapse slider for use withe the eMotimo Spectrum camera robot. Only part of this that was created with the :glowforge: is the carriage deck using proofgrade acrylic. The rail/slider is all Actobotics parts.

5. uStepper Timelapse Slider

This one is still a work in progress and will be much more affordable as a self-contained time lapse slider. but haven’t even touched the Arduino code for this yet. Very similar build to the previous Actobotics Slider. I also, am working on a time lapse rover using the uStepper, but that doesn’t have any :glowforge: cut parts, yet.


Super cool! Now I wanna see the video that you used all this stuff for.


Ok now I need to know where I can see some of your videography to see how you put these tools to use.

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Thanx for the share with links. I’m not big into DIY photo but the way you went about doing what you did translates to SO many things.

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Very Cool!
Man, some of the sliding time-lapse video I have seen of the night sky was stunning! Particularly with a foreground object like a bush lightly illuminated.


And this is a bit older, but one of my personal favs!


One idea was to start using some of this stuff to create short and unique videos of my glowforge projects for instagram or my website. I think I do a better job just capturing the still photos.


This is all excellent.


Thank you. Love Chicago. Love the bean.

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Wow, those videos are rad! I really like the project video, and it’s incredibly crisp! I think any website would benefit from footage of that caliber.


Ooooo, very artsy!


Very impressive project! Well done!

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Cool Projects and right in my wheelhouse. I want to make a time lapse rail project. I was thinking about trying combine a JJ Robots Slider project electronics with the Inventables makerslide hardware. If I can make it work it should be a nice robust system.

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I haven’t seen that one before, but like that you can 3D print most of it. The Makerslide looks nice too, as it looks like you can get the rail in different lengths.

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Wow … Really neat. I’m always amazed at the wide range of uses for the Glowforge!


Yup. That’s all I have to say, except these are awesome. Nice job!!