Photos from Minimakerfaire

Hey guys, check out @chadmart1076’s Instagram account (@castirongames). He just uploaded some photos of the GF’d luggage tag. Very cute concept to use Lord Of The Rings map style!


Here is the direct link for those of you that are a bit challenged like me.


I like the wood choice and Tolkien theme.


That is awesomely cool! (And thanks for the direct link…i be challenged.) :grin:


Thanks everyone. I did the design in BlueBeam, directly in the PDF. And I used Gimp and Inkscape for the mountain and dragon to take a color image, isolate the lines I wanted and convert to vectors (just for the clean lines, since it was just printed out hard copy.

Here’s some direct images without having to go through Instagram.

And here’s the post with my video. I have another camera I recorded the presentation on, so when I get home, if the quality is ok, I’ll upload that as well


@chadmart1076 , sure knows how to find some great looking food and drink. :yum: The Glowforge was nice too. :grin: Thank you for all of the GREAT pictures.


We’re headed out, but here’s the current line at the Glowforge booth!


Hopefully someone else got a better video of the demonstration. Mine was pretty bad. Too far back in the auditorium.

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I disagree. I thought your vid was very good. The interface, the placement of the image, the cut, the whole thing.

Many thanks… :slight_smile:


Thank you, but I meant the 1/2 hour demo with the live drawing of a bracelet for a little girl that they did in the theater. I was too far back and the resolution and sound were horrible.

It was pretty cool. @Shell designed a puppy, then they cut and engraved acrylic, wood veneer, and leather to make a bracelet 100% out of the Glowforge.


I was instructed to dress outlandishly for the event. I don’t know about outlandish, but I think the tie stood out pretty well.

Best-dressed luggage tag in town. Luggage-tag Bob Rectangle-ish Pants. I left on some of the masking material. It seemed to help.

Here’s the print as it happened. They provided a template and you add your art. Because it was me and I’m special, they removed (ignored) the yellow lines from their template that would have engraved. You can see one of their engrave lines going through Luggage-tag Bob’s teeth.

The paper shows what I did with a Sharpie. What I think was a Shapiro child told me I could keep it. It says Glowforge on it. So, it may be stolen. I’d be happy to head in to Glowforge HQ to return it. Maybe take a walk around while I’m at it? If it’s not, thanks Shapiro child.

During the demo where they designed and printed a bracelet for a little girl, the process was:

  1. Draw in AI
  2. Save as .svg
  3. Upload to your Glowforge design library in the cloud for processing and storage
  4. “Print” your design from your design library
  5. Place the material and close the lid, which triggers the camera and shows your material in UI
  6. Select your material (if needed, I assume. Maybe not with Proofgrade in the future.)
  7. Place and scale your design
  8. Choose your steps and their order (cut, engrave, score, ignore, manual, etc.)
  9. Send “print” job to the Glowforge
  10. Push glowey button

I took a bunch of pictures of that, but wasn’t sure if I should spend the time uploading them all.

Some interesting things I heard there…

Items to 2.5" fit without the tray? I thought it was less.

Sounds like there will be some sort of slick connector for the filter better than a dryer hose looped to the bottom.

3d engraving will have a range of half an inch. You use shades of gray to choose your depths. This feature is not fully developed today.


Great report! (And the bowtie makes it!) :wink:


One more picture I meant to include…

Info tag.

And the logo on the back of the laser box thingy with the macro camera and such is how the laser is, for instance, stopped from hitting the edge rather than a switch like many CNCs and such use now.


Can confirm, was Shapiro child, and please keep the pen with our compliments. :wink:


Hey! I’m in both of those! sorry, I was so sleep deprived and starving. Wish I would’ve had a chance to meet you and say hi!


Dang it! I saw you too, wish I could’ve said hello!


They were having so much fun giving those sharpies out! They’ve got that genuine happiness and smile, you must be doing something right!


Had to go and Google Street View 2200 1st Ave… Gotta say, that is a small looking building. Narrow, but I guess deep.

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Try 2200 1st Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98134


Yes, it’s not small here. :slight_smile: