Picking up the GF in US (I'm from Canada)

Hi all!

I’m expected to receive my GF sometime this/next week and I’m having it shipped over to Blaine (I’m from Vancouver, BC).

I was wondering what kind of documents/paperwork I’ll need when I cross customs? I know I’ll need:

  • passport
  • receipt

and do I also need some kind of number for the customs so they know what category the GF is in?

Thank you in advance!

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Follow the info here:

Best of luck!


I live in Alberta and shipped my laser to a package delivery service at the border in Montana. It all worked out great and I only had to pay GST as expected. I printed out a copy of my original receipt and also the paragraph in the FAQ that says it is manufactured in the USA just in case they thought it was Chinese or something and wanted to charge me duty.

Anyways, I just told them it was a laser cutter and they found a category and it was fine. Of course, if you are doing this through your business then you might need your business GST number. On the personal side everything should go smoothly.

Good luck!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Where can I find the original receipt? The one that I found in my account is the price that’s after the pre-order, so it’s a couple thousand dollars more than what I paid for.


They should have emailed you one when they charged your credit card (so roughly two years ago.) You could also email support@glowforge.com and ask for a copy.

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yup i just found mine by searching my email. Also, on “my account” on glowforge, it lists the newhigh price and a “discount” line, so the total is still correct.

Ya, there’s a discount line on mine too, but because the filter is not here yet, I’m not sure what the original discounted price of it is since I’m afraid customs will charge me on the total price (including the filter) when I don’t have it yet. I will email them and ask for a copy :slight_smile:

IIRC @SunnyStarbucks paid the tax on the filter when she crossed and just has to remember to bring the proof of tax paid when she collects the filter. Not saying you want to pay the tax first, but you shouldn’t have to pay it twice.


My total is $4870, do you guys know approximately how much tax I’ll have to pay on that? Thanks :slight_smile:

I had to pay both GST and PST and the total was around $700.

Yikes. I just had to pay GST (gotta love not PST in Alberta!!) and only paid the 5%. So $120 bucks for the GF basic.