Pickles anyone? Only Punny funny bones should open

My boss’ last day was today. She is my favorite boss hands down like in EVER. She loves pickles and actually orders cases of them every winter. So what is someone to get a boss, but something she likes.

We have an awesome store called Mass Street Soda (Lawrence, KS) and another one downtown called KC Soda Company (Kansas City, MO). They sell soda/pop in the hundreds… and candy.

I went in to Mass Street Soda because I knew they carried a Dill Pickle Soda. Well I was wrong, they carried 3 different kinds of pickle soda! … pickle ice, and pickle cotton candy!! Jackpot!

I made the card on the Glowforge using the “add artwork” function in the app. Perfect!

My desk last night when my eyes were crossing as I tried to do 2 layers of green glass acrylic and a dark green pickle — two layers to make them look like they were in the jar…you can only do a CUT or an engrave or a score…not multiple with one piece…so lots of TINY little pieces!

Fun and easy — thanks Glowforge!

P.S. Can anyone tell me what that sentence says on the inside of the card?? (forgot to put -ing after the last pickle.

Mass Street Soda in Lawrence KS
Kansas City MO Soda (downtown KCMO)

Only a small portion of the soda that one of them sells: (seriously amazing!


Great personalization! :smile:


DILL! Fantastic going away gift and card,


That is an amazing gift! I am sure she was touched and loved it all!


If only you could export the artwork, then edit it so each piece was as a different color and action… hmmm…


it sure is hard to pick el good beverage there.
great basket!


“Gherkin” from home?


Pickling good! :cucumber:

You got it!!

yeah husband came in after the fact … and…

Thanks Jules. It was a lot of fun to do…

@Xabbess she did like it … and immediately reassured us we would be included in the “pickle order if interested” (I like sweet gherkins…and I think they were mainly dill flavored)

@Aloha good one!

@arh2 LOL I think that would describe her choice of pickles in her cabinet at home. She did admit she had never tried pickle cotton candy!

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