Picture on tile


So I’ve been wanting to do a picture on tile or rather just a picture in general to see if i can make this Glowforge contraption make more stuff!! And I tested it on medium draftboard to find out that it came out good enough to my liking!! SO I’m going to a wedding and decided to make them a tile.


Gosh, that came out fantastic!


Very thoughtful!


Oh, they’ll love that! :grinning:


Wonderful coloring and detail!


That looks so great! I love how you used the contrasting colors!


The details that you got on the picture are very impressive. Did you just use sharpies to color it? :grinning:


Excellent job. I like it.(…And I’m sure they will too!)


I started with acrylic paint but most of it washed off. I then proceeded to use sharpies and I liked how it looked so ya.