Piece does not cut to size drawn on inkscape

I was checking some pieces I cut and the dimensions are not what I drew the pieces to on inkscape. I am uploading from the file, has anyone else experienced this or is there a step I’m missing or maybe I have to calibrate the cutter?

Make sure it’s exporting at 96 dpi.

Also make sure you’re saving as a plain SVG. Or better yet, as a PDF.

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Unless you’re using a very old version of Inkscape, its defaults are exactly the correct settings for printing on the Glowforge. You would have to have gone and manually changed the default to break the dpi export setting. I printed a part two days ago that required precision to <5/1000", and it came out perfectly (kerf accounted for.) Plain or Inkscape SVG makes no difference, SVG is the “native” format for Inkscape, it just removes unsupported features like layers and groupings.

If you want to share your file here, someone can check it.

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Thanks for the info. I noticed it when I uploaded the file into glowforge. I could see the difference on the scales of the screen. It was supposed to be 3" wide and it was appearing on the scale at around 3 1/4". I was wondering if I had to focus the lens to see if that was the issue. How can I check to make sure the export setting is correct?

Look under export settings in preferences. What version of Inkscape are you using?

3->3.25" is close to the 90 vs 96 dpi. It should be 96 as stated above. They changed the default to match CSS standards over two years ago.

Another option is to make your art board 20 x 12 - that matches the :glowforge: bed and forces the correct size. I’d still check your dpi because that’s a good thing to know, but I set my default artboard to that size and I haven’t needed to change since then.

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