A few years ago, when I first started working where I am now, one of my coworkers, D, had this little pillbox. One of our other coworkers was playing with it, and somehow managed to get the hinge pin and spring to come out. D said to me, “You seem pretty handy, do you think you can fix this?” I said, “Sure, no problem.” She said, “There’s just one thing; we dropped the pin for the hinge somewhere on the floor and we can’t find it.” I said, “No worries; I can run to the hobby shop and pick up some piano wire. I might even have some that will fit.”

Then I couldn’t find my piano wire stash at home, so I put the pillbox somewhere safe… and it was never seen again. -_-

So, now that I have my Glowforge, I figured it was time I got around to “fixing” that pillbox by replacing the entire thing. :slight_smile:

It’s cut out of 3/16" oak ply. The main body is a stack of rings, with oak veneer around the outside. The lid is two layers of ply, again with some veneer. The hinges have a 1/4" solid wooden pin through them. There’s a pair of 1/4" rare earth magnets at the front, although the hinge is stiff enough that it doesn’t really need them. Hopefully the hinge will loosen up a bit over time.

On the top is engraved a map of downtown Ottawa, from 1874.


Very cool! I really like the veneer covering, the map, the hinges, and the magnets. In short, all of it!


Cool idea! Familiar story, sounds like something I would do.


Very cool, well done!


Nice work with the veneer–I’d have guessed it was solid wood. Can I ask how you affixed the veneer?


Just regular wood glue. I get the veneer damp first, so it’s a little easier to work it round tight curves like this. For this project, I also cut… Take a square, cut a circle out of the middle of it that’s the same size as the pillbox, then cut that in half - I made a stack of these, put half on each side, and clamped it, to sort of “form” the veneer to the pillbox while it dried.


Really cute little box - love the hinges! :grinning:


This is just the cutest thing! I love how you did the hinge.

  • sorry Jules…I wasn’t copying you, honest! :smile:

What a beautiful piece! Love it!


ROFL! No prob…it is cute, and the hinges are cool! :smile:

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This was a well thought out project.