Pin Table

I don’t know how many people have seen these but pin tables are a tool that some people use for cutting without flashback on lasers. there are lots of ways to DIY them ect on the internet and whenever my GF shows up I’ll do a CAD model for a GF specific one that is machined. But until then, let’s see what people come up with.


Just a more open version of the crumb tray isn’t it?
Or am I missing something?

Basically. Not so good for paper crafting and de-warping material with magnets could present issues to work around. But in other use cases it would be a better solution.

Pretty much, but you position the pins so that there is never anything behind your cut lines and you don’t get any flashback that way.

Obviously it only works with materials that can stay rigid enough over your pin distance, but for small veneer pieces ect it helps.

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This was posted a while back.

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