Found a place where the magnets were getting in the way and managed to remember these from @eljefe4

Worked great, so made a full bed of 0.20 scraps and burned a pile for future use.

Inadvertently, I made another species of Tribble. They were getting nudged and knocked about. Kept finding them all over the shop.

So I present you with the solution. Their own little cubby to live in. The Pinbox-12-4x4x1.
I softened the corners and gussied it up a little (so it looks like it belongs where I put it).
Nothing fancy, this is a typical, strong bottom, weak side, tabbed container, made out of scrap 0.12 plywood.

Gob a little glue on before tapping together and it should do the job.

You Too Can Stop Finding These Everywhere !! (2.3 KB)


Excellent solution! I’ve got mine in a cheapo cardboard box. I need to get with the program.

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I like that! Mine are in an old spice jar. :smile:

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Yeah, not wanting to throw away scrap larger than an airmail stamp I have several species of Tribbles living here including the pins.



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Mine are in a cardboard box also … but, what a great idea! Thank you for the share.

I have mine in a styrofoam bowl. But man! You have way more then me.

Baggies! I can get rid of the baggies… Thanks!