Ping Pong Organizer


We recently acquired a ping-pong table. The kids keep leaving the paddles and balls laying around, and they are getting stepped on and damaged.

I designed a wall-mounted holder to hold 4 paddles and a bunch of balls. It’s meant to be cut in 1/4" material. I made it very functional, and not very stylish.

PingPong1_p1.pdf (1.5 KB)
PingPong1_p2.pdf (1.4 KB)


So simple yet creative. Love it!!


Awesome! I just got a ping-pong table (Amazon door-buster sale) a couple months ago, and it’s still leaning against a wall. Maybe this will motivate me to do something with it. :relaxed:


Great idea!:sunglasses:


Love seeing things built out of necessity…one of the great things about having a laser cutter :grinning:


can I say “um YES” to this like 400 times ?


Great—now when my Glowforge arrives, I’m going to have to buy a ping-pong table too, just so I can make one of these… Maybe a pool table as well… This Glowforge is suddenly getting even more expensive. Seriously though, great idea and well executed.


do you think the paddles will fall over? In my experience they are a little top heavy.

again, great display. im amazed at your 360fusion skills.


The paddles are pretty much standard size (except thickness) so slotting the rails would work eh?

@jamingaroutte seriously. This tool is very versatile. A solid bridge between art and utility. :mount_fuji: :hammer:


Very nice job! I do agree about the slots in the “wings” so the paddles sit more in place. Future mods could include ball “dispenser”, maybe a pad/whiteboard/chalkboard under for tournament scores, etc. I;m jealous of the 3d design ability most of you have - I really need to start learning 3d software before the end of the year.


This is a very cool project! Thank you for sharing your files!