Pirate plunder bag (catalog item test)

I wanted to try something with leather for a while, but hadn’t yet gotten around to a suitable project. Since I also wanted to test the catalog a bit I found a nice little design for a drawstring bag that looked like fun. It didn’t specifically call out that it was customizable, but it’s got a big blank spot in the middle and I’m using a laser :slight_smile:

So, I purchased the design in the catalog and it showed up in my list of projects as I followed the convenient link provided after purchase. I grabbed a sheet of the thin leather and dropped it into the Glowforge. A couple of minutes later I had nicely cut bag components sitting on the bed. Before picking them up though I decided to customize it a bit by putting a pirate logo onto it. I did a few tests of the pattern first to make sure I was getting it right. Once I felt I had the right settings for what I wanted I used the camera to place it in the middle of the circle and etched it.

It was pretty easy to assemble, just lace the long strip through the holes and draw it all together.

Since I hadn’t put this one together before I wasn’t sure how big the logo could be. It turns out I could have gone larger, but it still turned out nice.


Nice. Judging by that logo though, the pirates round your way must be way more scary than your average, everyday pirate.


they’ll take your skull
and measure it precisely


haaaaaaaaaaaa i never thought about the ac logo looking like a compass or set of calipers


Awesome job! Simple design, but great product.




That’s the ancient mark of the Pheared Pacific Pirate Phrenologists. Even the Dread Pirate Roberts steers clear of them.


Assassin Creed Black Flag!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: awesome


Masonic Pirates?

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that was my first thought, too!

It does explain Oak Island. :smiley:


I got curious and looked it up when I got a lootcrate with an AC pin, cause I had always liked the various logos.

The insignia bares some resemblance to the symbol of the Freemasons, the square and compasses.
-the Assassins are also a ‘secret society’
It resembles the bottom side of an eagle skull.
-Eagle forms an integral part of the game, both symbolically and spiritually.
It resembles a hooded figure hiding its face.
-the protagonist is nearly always wearing a hood.


Love the little leather money bag. I was reminded of this when I saw it.

Many years ago, while working in the bank, this little leather bag was left behind by someone and after waiting an appropriate amount of time for them to reclaim it, I asked and was given permission to keep it for myself. The original drawstring, which was a cord more like a shoestring, is now gone. It’s soft as ‘buttah’, and holds my 15 old silver dollars which I also bought while working in the bank. An old farmer came in one day with a bag of coins to run through our counting machine. Just a bag of old silver dollars, that all. :astonished: If foresight were money, I could have afforded to buy more than just $15 dollars worth.

My bag also holds two $5 gold pieces that belonged to my mother-in-law. This is the kind of thing that might be discovered long after the owner is gone…and I suppose that could be me!


What a wonderful bag and story! Wouldn’t you love to know the history of the bag?

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Ahhh…so the design catalog is up and functioning? :smile:


There was a discussion the other night about being the executor of an estate that eventually wound its way to men hiding stashes of money to a woman saying after her father passed, a metal worker, they found four metal tubes over a foot long each filled with silver dollars. Like rolls of coins, but with a metal sleeve.


for the beta users, it seems; glowforge must have either just given access or lifted some nda portions, because it seems to be a popular topic this week :wink:


.[quote=“cynd11, post:14, topic:6354”]
Wouldn’t you love to know the history of the bag?

Oh yes…I sure would! I’ve even looked online for similar bags, but never really saw any. I was always at least just wondering from what era it came.

Yikes! Quite the find! It’s actually surprising that silver dollars are worth so little money, today. Of course, mine are no longer in great condition because I never made sure they were protected properly. My ‘youngest’ dollars are from 1921…and several of them much older. I was going to give my three kids, 5 of these dollars, each, but decided I should wait until I was confident they wouldn’t go spend them at the 7-11 up the hill! They’re way past that now, so perhaps I should go with that plan.


Indeed! Stay tuned for a sneak peek in the next monthly update.