Pirate Treasure Box


Made this for our grandson who just turned 4. He loves anything to do with pirates! Used proofgrade walnut.

Design from Thingiverse:


It looks fabulous! I’ll bet he was thrilled. Wondering what treasures you stuffed it with…


Chocolate coins, a treasure map, and a Golden Book “How to be a Pirate”.


Very cool gift for him! Grandma Rocks! :skull_and_crossbones: :sunglasses:


Very nice!


That’s a good-sized chest. I Iike it!


Arrrgggh! Avast ye matey, that’s a mighty fine looking stash o’ gold, ye carry. :wink:


Love this, looks amazing.

Did you have to adjust the file at all to make all those box joints fit nicely? (I’m assuming you used the thick walnut and not the medium for this)


I didn’t do any adjustments. The joints weren’t tight at all … glue was a must. Used wood glue, and sanded the joints on the thick walnut plywood to give a better adhesion. Cut off nails (just shy of sticking out) and used gel super glue on the hinges and front closure. The box is roughly 6 x 8 x 11.


I liked the look of this and wanted to make one, but I didn’t have any 1/4" laying around, so I adjusted the design down a little bit to be cut from medium proofgrade. It fits onto one sheet with a little extra space. I thought about filling up the space with fake coins, but settled for just making a little fake padlock.

I put in on Doohicky Land Thingy Verse as a remix of the one you linked.


Oh my…perfect for the little guy! I’ll bet he just loves it so much…and I’m betting too that he has that throughout his life as a wonderful remembrance of you and your love. It’s a real beauty!


Love your lock! I wanted the grain the other direction … So, didn’t fit on one sheet. Also, hoped it would be more durable in the thick for his age.


Thank you @Xabbess … Kind of felt it was a lifetime gift when making it. He holds my heart, we spend a lot of time together.


Just thought of this…a perfect box for storing some chocolate ‘gold’ coins! That would look so cool and be so much fun. Though, as he’s still so young, it would probably require some supervision so he didn’t eat too many at one time. I can picture that…:roll_eyes:


By supervision you mean bringing it out an hour or so before his parents come to pick him up?


:+1: :rofl: Yes. That’s one of the special rules that apply.


He’s been all about pirates for at least two years … so, YES! There were chocolate coins!