Pirates, music, shameless plug

Anyone who is near the MD area and enjoys going to Renaissance Festivals should go to the opening weekend of the MD Renaissance Festival this weekend. I will be there with my Pirate Band, Scales and Crosstones, and we’ll be performing 4 different times on Saturday and Sunday.

12:30 at the Gatehouse stage (near the entrance)
2:00, 3:00, 4:30 at the White Hart Tavern Stage

I go by Captain Mulligan when I’m performing with my band, but I would LOVE to see my fellow Glowforgers. If you come and introduce yourself to me, I’ll be sure to bring something made on my Glowforge to give you.

I’m the one in the Red Doublet.


Sounds like a blast! (Be ye merry.) :sunglasses:


Arrrrggh! A bit out of my way–have fun anyhow!


Oh wow! You look like you stepped out of the Pirates of Penzance! Would love sometime to hear and watch you perform live.


Yes yes be merry my thirsty shipmate

We have CDs for sale, and you can hear our latest CD on bandcamp. https://scalesandcrosstones.bandcamp.com/album/for-ships-and-giggles

Fair warning, while this CD LOOKS like it is meant for kids, it is NOT. It has our drinking and “dirty” songs on it.

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My daughter ( the one you met), her husband, a family friend and my youngest are going tomorrow! Hope they stop and say hi😄

Next weekend. Very sorry to miss them tomorrow.

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Anyone in the MD area going to the Maryland Faire this weekend? I’ll be there performing again!

Gatehouse stage at 12:10
White Hart Tavern Stage at 2:00, 3:30, and 4:30

Come and talk to me at the end of one of our sets, I’ll be very happy to spend time with you :smiley: